If you have made an order on easonschoolbooks.com or want to order something, and have some questions, we hope you will find the answers below. If not you can contact our customer support team.

How long does delivery take?

Orders placed online at easonschoolbooks.com will be delivered in 1-3 working days from the date the order is placed. Alternatively, you can visit your local eason store for all your school book and stationery needs.

Sometimes if a school book is very popular, we can run out of stock and the publishers are reprinting it to cater for demand. If this happens with a book you have ordered, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to get it back in stock. In these cases, we will contact you as soon as it happens and you can decide what you would like to do. You can wait for the book to come back in stock, or you can get a refund.

Can I buy online and collect in-store?

If you choose to collect your easonschoolbooks order in your local Eason store, you can expect delivery within two to seven working days. When your package arrives, a member of staff will call you on the phone number you provided when completing the order online. (Orders collected in-store can only be returned via Easonschoolbooks.com – for more information see our returns policy.

Why did I only receive part of my school book order?

While we endeavour to deliver all items in your order together, we will occasionally ship part of your order separately due to stock issues. For example, if you order three items and one of them is temporarily out of stock, we may dispatch the two in-stock items while we await new stock of the third item. On these occasions, we will continue to update you via email as your order progresses.

How can I track my school book order?

When your order is dispatched from our warehouse, we’ll send a ‘Dispatch Notification’ email. This will contain a unique code allowing you to track your order via DPD. All orders will be delivered by DPD. 

Do you offer book covering?

Yes, we can pre-cover your textbooks in our warehouse for 0.99c per book. You can get all textbooks delivered, already covered with a clear polypropylene wallet for ONLY 99c per book. Simply tick ‘yes, cover my books’ to apply it to your order.  Some books cannot be covered because they are part of a set and are pre-packaged (we don’t separate the items as they would not be returnable then). In this case, we will add some book covers to the box, which you can place on the books once you open the packaging. They are very easy to put on. We do try to indicate on the website which books are eligible for covering, and which ones are not.

We do not offer book covering for stationery items (including copies and pads). Products such as dictionaries, teacher’s resources and items with a metal spine are also not suitable for our book covering process.