About Kobo

Who are Kobo?

Eason have partnered with Kobo to bring you the best in class experience for buying, reading and storing eBooks.
Founded in 2009, Kobo is one of the world’s fastest growing eReading services, with over a million readers across more than 190 countries.

Kobo Devices

An eReader for Everyone – Kobo have a family of devices that appeal to everyone from book lovers to heavy multimedia consumers. Whether you’re a ebook-addict, or a light reader, there’s a Kobo reader or tablet that’s right for you.

Kobo eBook Range

Kobo have an extensive range of eBooks, with over 2 million titles on offer, plus a great range of free eBooks!
You can read your Kobo eBook on almost any device, including your smartphone with the free, downloadable Kobo app available for iOS and Android.

Search and browse for eBooks on Easons.com, or view our eBooks page for inspiration. When you have found the eBook you would like to purchase, click on ‘Buy Now’ and we’ll send you to Kobo’s website to complete your purchase.

Kobo’s Open System and using a different Non-Kobo eReader

Kobo believes that open standards for eBooks are best for consumers, publishers, retailers and hardware manufacturers. Closed systems stifle innovation and growth. Kobo proudly supports EPUB and encourages Kobo users to read a Kobo-purchased eBook on their smartphone, eReader, laptop, or whichever device they choose.

Please view our Kobo FAQ for information on how to read Kobo eBooks on your Non-Kobo eReader.