Adobe Digital Editions set-up guide

If you are using an iRiver, Elonex or Trekstor reader, you will need Adobe Digital Editions to open your books and transfer them to your eReader.
The reason for this is that most eBooks from online booksellers and libraries are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM prevents the unauthorised copying or redistribution of eBooks, to protect the rights of authors and publishers. There are different types of DRM, but Kobo supports a version by Adobe. This is why you may need to use Adobe’s software, Digital Editions, to open and transfer some Kobo eBooks to your eReader.

To use Adobe Digital Editions to manage, read, or transfer eBooks to an eReader you need:
  • Free Adobe Digital Editions software
  • An Adobe ID

If you’re using Digital Editions with an eReader, you also need to authorise your eReader with Adobe before you can add books to it.

Ready to get started?
  1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. When prompted, select Authorise Computer.
  3. If you don’t already have an Adobe ID, click the ‘get an Adobe ID online’ link. Adobe will launch your web browser and take you to the Adobe Sign In page. Follow the instructions there to create an Adobe account. When you’re done, return to Adobe Digital Editions.
  4. Enter your Adobe ID and password, then click Activate.
  5. Click Finished when Adobe finishes authorising your computer.