Feefo and Customer Review Guidelines

I got an email from Feefo about reviewing a product or book I recently purchased from you. What is this?

At easons.com we strive to provide the best products, books and service to our customers. After you’ve placed an order with us, you may receive an email from our feedback partner, Feefo, asking you to leave a review about the product you purchased and the service you received. Your feedback will be posted on easons.com and on the Feefo website, to help us make improvements to our products and services and so you can see how we are doing too.

I got the email but deleted it by accident. Can I still leave feedback?

Yes! Simply visit the product page and click “Write your own review” to let us know your thoughts.

I don’t want to use Feefo – How can I submit a review?

To submit a review on a book or item sold on Easons.com, visit the product page for that item. In the Reviews section, click the “Write your own review” link. Fill in your review text and select your rating from 1 to 5 stars (5 being “Great!” and 1 being “Terrible”).

When will my review be published?

Reviews posted in conjunction with Feefo are published within an hour of being posted. Other Customer Reviews are monitored frequently and will be published on the website if they are approved and meet our guidelines.

Why was my review not published?

It may be that your review has simply not been reviewed yet or it has not been approved as it did not meet our guidelines.

Our Guidelines

Your review may not include:

  • any personally identifying information such as email addresses, order numbers, phone numbers or full names
  • any offensive language
  • any promotional or advertising content
  • information unrelated to the product i.e. delivery problem complaint
  • infringing on intelluctual property i.e. excessive or lengthy quotes from a book

Reviews which are deemed likely to have been written by the author, have a conflict of interest or written for financial gain will not be published.

Please note, we reserve the right to edit or not publish any review for any reason.

Our reviews are moderated by an independent team. If you need to get in touch with our Customer Service team, please see this page.