Sony Reader Download Guide

Eason have partnered with Kobo to bring you the best in class experience for buying, reading and storing eBooks. If you have previously purchased an eReader from Eason, such as a Sony, iRiver, Elonex or Trekstor reader, you can still download and read Kobo eBooks.

Please read our Kobo FAQ for information on how existing and new Eason customers can download and read eBooks. This includes information about how to download Kobo eBooks to a non-Kobo eReader.

Setting up your Sony Reader

You can download the Reader for PC software for your computer directly from the device. Simply connect your Reader to your machine and click the ‘Open to view files’ on the ‘Setup’ dialog box. Then, click the ‘Setup Reader for PC.exe’ file and follow the on-screen instructions.
Alternatively, you can install the Reader software on your PC by following a link on the Sony website. The file is called ‘Reader Software Update for PC’ and you can find it here ( Please ensure you click the correct version for your computer – Mac or PC. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, click the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and then click ‘Download’.
The program will prompt you to start downloading the file.
Once the download is complete, it will prompt you to select your preferred language.
A box with ‘ReaderInstaller.exe’ will appear. Click ‘Run’.
Once it downloads, open the program and allow it to load.
The program will prompt you to pick your region. Click the region appropriate to you. For Ireland, click ‘Others’. Then, click ‘Next’.










Accept the terms in the licence agreement and then click ‘Install’. Once the program has stopped installing, click ‘Finish’.
The Reader for PC software should then open.







At this point, if you have not done so already, you should turn on your new Reader, set the menu language, the applicable region (‘Others’ is on the second page of countries listed), and the date and time.
Once the home page loads, connect the Reader to your computer. The Reader will ask you if you want the computer to recognise this device? Click ‘Yes’.
The computer will then prompt you to enter an Adobe ID. An Adobe ID is required to unlock your purchased content and you can register for free here: You should use the same email address for your Adobe ID that you will use to purchase your Eason eBooks.








Once you have entered your Adobe ID, the Reader for PC software should automatically assign the same Adobe ID to the connected Reader.
You are now ready to download books to the device. You can do this a) via the Reader for PC software and then transfer via the USB cable, or b) you can disconnect the Reader from the computer, connect it to a Wi-fi network, and download directly to the device via the Reader’s web browser.


Downloading books directly to the Sony Reader

If you wish to download eBooks directly to your device, you must follow the procedure outlined in steps 1-14 above.
Once you have disconnected your Reader from your computer, you should ensure it is connected to a Wi-fi network. You can connect it to a Wi-fi network by following these steps.
On the Sony PRS-T2, click ‘Applications’ in the bottom-right hand corner and, on the next page click ‘Settings’. (On the Sony PRS-T1, click the ‘>’ symbol that appears in the bottom-right hand corner of the home page. Then, click ‘Settings’.)
Next, click ‘Wireless Network Settings’, make sure the ‘Wifi’ option at the top of the screen is ‘on’, and then click ‘Wi-Fi Settings’. The device will search for your local Wifi network. Connect to that network.
Then navigate to the Eason website using the device’s web browser and purchase an eBook as normal.
Click ‘Download eBook’ in your eBookshelf and the book should automatically start to download to the device. Please note that the device must remain connected to the Wi-fi network while the eBook is downloading, and it may take up to 2 minutes for the book to fully load.
Log out of your Eason account and click the home button. Your new eBook should be ready to read on your ‘Recently Added’ eBook shelf.


Downloading books to the Sony Reader using your PC or Mac

If you are downloading eBooks for the first time, please follow steps 1-14 above in the first instance.
Log on to the Eason eBook store to search for your favourite books and authors.
Once you have completed your purchases, navigate to your eBookshelf. Click the ‘Download eBook’ button beside the book you have purchased.
A prompt should then appear to open the book, with the Reader for PC as the default program. Click OK. The eBook should start to automatically download to the Reader for PC program.








Once the book has finished downloading, click the ‘Reader’ icon at the top of the screen. Then click ‘Sync’. The eBook should start to transfer to your device.
Once it has transferred, click the ‘Eject’ button beside the Reader icon and then disconnect your Reader.