Stock levels explained

All items¬†that are in stock will have an “Add to Basket” button and are available to buy directly from

In stock message

Items that are in stock and available to buy, will typically take between 2 and 5 working days to be delivered, depending on where it’s being delivered and how quickly we can get the item dispatched.

Some items will be temporarily out of stock, and you can see that these items will have a “Notify me” button. If you would like to be alerted when the item comes back into stock, you can click on this “Notify me” button and fill in your email address. We will then send an email to this address once the item is back in stock, and available to buy online.

Temp out of stock

Please note: If an item is shown as out of stock on our website, your local store may still have the item in stock as our stock levels are managed differently. To check if your local store still has the item you’d like to purchase, please contact the store directly, using our store locator.

There are other reasons why a book or item may be out of stock. It could be reprinting for example. It will also specify this on the website. If a book is reprinting it can take some time to get this item back into stock.

Some books can also be out of print in which case, it is very unlikely that we would get this book back in stock. Again it will specify on the website if the book is out of print.

If you have ordered an item and it now appears to be out of stock, we apologise. This sometimes happens if we only had one item left in stock but received more than one order. If any stock errors occur, we will contact you via phone or email to inform you of this and offer an exchange or refund. If you have any queries regarding stock levels or items that are out of stock, you can contact us at