How the loyalty card works

If you are in a store, present your card at the checkout, before or during your transaction. Your card will be credited with the points earned from your transaction. You must hand your card to the staff member before the end of your transaction. Points cannot be added in-store after the sale is completed.

Points are then allocated and added to your account on a nightly basis.  If you are purchasing items online, enter your card number at the checkout and you will earn points on that transaction.

Earning Points

When you present your card in store or online, you will earn 3 base points per €1 spent (certain exclusions apply – see our Terms & Conditions and you will have opportunities to earn bonus promotional points throughout each month).

One point is worth 1 cent.

Spending Points

Points can be spent in stores or online.

Earned points will be automatically saved to your card (please allow a minimum of 24 hours for your balance to update). Once the points have been added to your account you can spend them in store at any time. You can also spend your points online by ticking this option in the My Profile page and then opt to spend them at the checkout during your online purchase.