School Book Covering

About Covering Your School Books

Please Note: Book Covering is only available until midnight August 23rd for school books ordered on But you can still get your books covered in store 

You can get your text books delivered, already covered with a clear polypropylene wallet for ONLY 75c per book.

Simply tick ‘Yes, cover my books’ to apply it to your order, during the checkout process.

If you select book covering, all suitable text books will be covered – you cannot choose individual books for covering.

How it Works

We use a variety of standard-sized covering wallets, which fit some school books perfectly. When there’s an irregularly sized book, or one that doesn’t quite match the size of the cover, we use our special guillotine to create a snug fit for your books. Check out our video demonstration below to see it in action!

Other Tips about Book Covering

Please note: we will not pre-cover text books where covering would create an inconvenience for you. For example, pre-sealed packs containing a book and workbook sold as one unit, and books with a CD/DVD attached to the cover – in these cases, you would have to remove the covers.

We do not offer book covering for stationery items (including copies and pads). You will not be charged for covering these items.

Products such as dictionaries, teacher’s resources, exam papers, novels and items with a metal spine are not suitable for our book covering process. You will not be charged for any items that cannot be covered.

All products that display the Book Covering icon bc are eligible for Book Covering.